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Clipper is is the easiest way to create a short movie from multiple mobile devices.

Goal: Create a brand that stands out to users, job seekers, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

WoodSocial ServicesLead Generation, Logo & Web Design, Social Channel Design. Web Development, Blog, Posters, Banners, Web, Email, and Social Media copy. 

Win: Clipper launched with a bang. It's social, web, and email campaigns generated over 1000 email signups and 20 resumes in the first weekend. A different campaign was designed specifically for seasoned venture capitalists. Clipper successfully set-up meetings with 4/5 investors contacted. 

Amazing adventures and memorable experiences.

Goal: This funded startup, targeting young professionals, wanted to launch their business with a great first impression.

WoodSocial Services: Logo Design, Web Design & Web Development, Social Channel Design, Content Creation, Content Schedule, Social Page Management, Facebook Ad Management

Win: The dreamr sales team,  armed with polished business cards and a website were able to secure four sold out events with local businesses within it's first month of rebranding. 



NCC administers the federally owned lands and buildings in Canada's capital region.

Goal: Social, Mobile, and Web Analysis during the Capital of Canada's huge winter event: Winterlude

WoodSocial Services: Monitored and compiled social media trends, sentiment, influencers, and spikes in volume - looking for overlays with their mobile app traffic and website. Report below.

Win: NCC for the first time visualized what happens in the digital world when they have large public events. This report helps drive engagement strategies for future events. What and who drives conversations, where they are happening (blogs vs forums vs facebook), and how the competitors events compare.