Tell Your Brand Story on Social: Earn Your Customers Trust

Is your companies story being told in a place people will hear it? A world of people looking at their phone and you're not on social media? That's okay. A lot of people until now were just "checking the box" on social media.

Let's ramp that up in 2016 and help people.

Help people by telling your story in a way that gives back to your community. After a while, you will have given so much to them, that some of them will want to pay you.

Why? Because they trust you. They trust your brand, they feel your story in their heart, and they need help.

Eye contact used to be the way people had a random, and public conversation, that was WORD OF MOUTH, and still is. But now we are glued to our phones where word of mouth is on steroids. 

Everyone has their phone out now. Look around you.

Awkward pause in the convo? Look at my phone....

 In public and scared of interaction with a stranger? - Look  at phone.