Help Me Understand Social Media

We've seen some pretty significant changes in technology over the last few decades. In the 90s we saw the era Bill Gates, where he put a personal computer in everyone's home. Social Networking back then was called Forums, Message Boards, AIM, ICQ, IRC. Hashtags were called pound signs, like the phone. #channel


In the 2000s most of the folks reading this probably remember their first cell phone, which eventually lead to the Steve Jobs era with the iPhone and the App store. 

Right now we are going through a social revolution - and the only reason we can call it that, is because of actually how SOCIAL it is - and that's because we're all connected to each others pockets, glasses, cars, games, etc, you name it. The scale is insane. 

Most smaller businesses, including those expanding say they get most of their business from word of mouth and are excited for a chance to share their story with the world. That's the opportunity we're part of right now and it's also part of the challenge - this revolution is spawning an ever so empowered and opinionated customer who is not afraid to share their opinion.

In fact - consumers today who are in their early 20s or below think their 2 cents is needed on every single topic. They feel it's their right to participate, comment, tweet, pin, snap.... and it is. We should be listening closely.