Lessons from New Hampshire Tourism

New Hampshire Tourism has no shortage of content to share with it's fans on Facebook. 

This piece of content is timely because it reflects what people in the state are seeing outside their house that morning - that feeling of excitement of what winter brings for them. A feeling of cozy fireplaces or a sunny day skiing the glades at Bretton Woods lies ahead.

What's even better is they crowd sourced it from North Woodstock's FB page (which is near a lot of ski resorts). This looks authentic also, like someone took their phone out in their backyard. This transparency is something people can connect to. This earns trust, and is the kind of thing that gives you the right to be in their news feed when they decide to throw out a right-hook.




Here is the right hook. A straight up promotion about a shopping spree, right before Black Friday when people are thinking about shopping and Christmas presents. 

I would of included some brand names on the picture or "$500 Holiday Spending Spree" to capture the attention of the holiday minded citizen. 

Another aspect here to be enhanced could be a few different custom pieces of content, directed at specific people. 

We can target people who see our content on Facebook. An example might be to include some more variety here, such as people who "Like" Nike or Running on Facebook, they could of targeted this picture around someone wearing active/sportswear walking out of an outlet. If I was a runner, I would be more likely to engage with this content if it spoke to me directly.