Data Science in 2018

This post was originally posted to LinkedIn on July 23rd: 

Imagine you're the VP of HR in 2018. In 2017 you purchased an API to clean some data --- in this case, employee instant message chat-text, which is analyzed to determine the sentiment of my employees in its proper context. Now, similar to social media command centers, imagine this employee data is displayed visually in real-time. Basically you're monitoring changes in employee happiness. In real-time, over a geographical map, etc, etc.

With the right context - which means understanding the WHY behind all data, the concepts to assist decision making are limitless. 

Right now a trend in data intelligence, or Data as a Service is analysis of any and all data to encourage more accurate decision making. The text can be understood using multiple linguistic algorithms, (NLP, LSA, SA). This is pretty cool stuff. It goes way beyond social data too. Anything with a message - anything that includes text.

We're just getting started --- What happens when Instagram starts running contextual analysis using image elements/facial recognition? Now imagine it with video.  

Buckle up.