A friend of mine works in an industry that is typically not very "digital". He designs, builds, and installs commercial & residential fences+gates.

This is a beautiful picture of a fence my friend helped me design, purchase, and install - it look's awesome, and gets compliments often.  

I would love to quickly open up a portfolio of his work on my phone & show them more - but I can't. This photo was buried in my phones photos. Many scrolls.. many scrolls.

So. I think an Instagram portfolio for his business would be great for a few reasons. 

1) You work hard to make things look great and that are built to last. The fence will fade to grey (still need to stain it) but the images will last forever. 

2) It not only shows prospective customers you know what you're doing, but that are passionate about the work you do and you're modern enough to appeal to new customers. How many times does a person buy a fence? 

3) Easy to find. First time home-buyers will appreciate being able to look to Instagram as an easy way to find examples of what they may want to build.  Websites often have dated images and info that hasn't been updated in months, or years.