Business Travelers Know This - 3 Must Haves at the Hotel

It doesn't need to be a rock star penthouse or even have a view. Over the past couple years I have compiled my top three must haves in a hotel when traveling for work.

1) Outlets

I get sad when I learn I will be unplugging the radio/ipod dock. No one wins in an outlet battle. The cords lose, the weird thing on the wall hiding all the wiring - it loses, the radio that I unplug which probably gets reset loses, the hotel staff has to clean this mess up and plug it all back in - they definitely lose.

Business travelers need that power! We will go into this outlet search knowing it is nothing but chaos down there, and are pared to fight it out no matter how hard the hotel makes it for us. We are prepared and experienced outlet wranglers.

2) WiFi

Lately I've been using my LTE hotspot (which has a 5gig limit/month) when at certain hotels. If people can't be connected it hurts their productivity. No one wants to be known as unproductive and will think twice before staying somewhere they can't work from. It doesn't have to be free either, but if we are paying for it, give us a log-in that will work with multiple devices, and ensure that it's fast.

3) Water

Spending a lot of the time talking, presenting, on the phone, business lunches, happy hours, out for client dinners can exhaust someone especially if they are dehydrated. I often find myself forgetting to drink enough water because of how busy you can be when traveling for work. Before I walk out of the hotel for the day, and especially when arriving in my hotel at night it's nice to have a bottle or two in the fridge or nightstand.