Wicked-Boring Content

The bottom line for we want more likes or shares is that you need to be interesting. Before I pitch a customer I do a lot of listening, I listen to them on the phone, I read their blog, I follow them on twitter - I take it all in. 

If we put in the time up-front understanding and listening to our community we can benefit with two major take-a-ways:

1) We will understand who everyone is, and our content has a better chance of engaging with the audience.

2) Social Media and the Internet are the the worlds largest real-time focus group. Listen, and crowd-source great content (blogs, videos, images, etc) that we can re-share to our community. 

3) Is something happening in the news you feel would really resonate with your brand? News-jack the story a little bit with something interesting. Example: Brands and the Oscars

To create truly compelling content we need to understand our audience. What are the demographics of our virtual customers and community? What are the top 10 things they talk about? When do they have conversations the most? What TV shows do they like? How are they educated? Where do they live?

Use some of the social media tools out there to help you listen, and give back to your community. Do your best to share content that is meaningful before you ask for money.