Three Content-Syndication Considerations

Q: Why shouldn't marketers schedule all social channels at the same time?

A: Syndication of content typically leads to an inconsistent experience for the marketer and the customer. The technology used to create and publish social content is developed by companies that are playing in each social networks' individual and often complex ecosystem.

  1. Marketers are at the mercy of the networks (Facebook, etc), and often log-in to their platform, tool, or marketing cloud of choice, to find publishing capabilities have slightly changed or been adjusted in order for the platform to remain legally compliant with (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
  2. Customers touch your brand across the social web on multiple channels. If they are not consistent or tailored for that audience and network, the customer is less inclined to have an engaging experience with your brand.
  3. Social Networks have their own business objectives to look out for which are not always in the best interest of the social platforms on the market. BuddyMedia and Wildfire are great examples of how Facebook Timeline impacted these two platforms businesses.