5 Ways to Humanize Customer Service

In the last 12 months we've had our first real taste of cross-country busy travel. 2 weeks a month away from home. Lots of rental cars, hotels, airlines, restaurants, etc. Lots of different customer service experiences, in many different parts of the country. During this time we thought about the few core things that organizations should think about when training their employees to interact with customers.

1) The customer is not always right, but they are still your customer. Listen. Show empathy. Learn.

2) Think before you talk, and be yourself. 

3) Don't be afraid to say sorry. Seriously. Someone once told me at my first job in social media that "the first rule of PR is to never say sorry" or admit fault. I get it. 

4) One single customer usually belongs to many different communities.

5) This customer will tell people about their experience. At the coffee shop, at the hockey rink, or on twitter or facebook. It could be 1 person, or it could be thousands of people.

We live in a time where customers are very impressionable. Their experiences with brands are scaled through social apps, like FourSquare, Instagram, Twitter, FB, Yelp, etc.  In our opinion there should be more of an effort put towards training and hiring front-line reps to truly show compassion and listen to their customers. A big part of where customers share thoughts is through social. Let us know if you have any questions. Is there enough of a focus on building relationships through engaged customer service reps?


Zach Woodward